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New Orleans Swamp Tours Blog Post April 8, 2016

New Orleans Swamp Tours Blog Post April 8, 2016

With bright blue skies, seasonably low humidity, and perfect 70 degree temperatures, French Quarter Fest got underway today. Organizers are expecting record crowds as hundreds of thousands are expected to flock into the downtown and French Quarter area. There will be many stages offering live music, dozens of the top restaurants have food at almost every corner, and people will be singing and dancing all throughout the streets. It should be an amazing weekend.


Artist:  Simon Hardeveld
Once again, French Quarter Festival features a special limited-edition poster created by New Orleans’ most well-known French folk-art painter, Simon Hardeveld. Since the early 2000s, Hardeveld has entertained many with his hilarious and colorful paintings that hang around New Orleans restaurants like Boulangerie, Chickie Wah Wah, Lola’s, and Joey K’s. Born in France and later moving to the United States to start three of his own restaurants, with wife Maria Hardeveld, Simon found his true calling to be a painter at his brasserie in Metairie when customers always wanted to buy his signs behind the counter. Most well-known for his set design work on New Orleans evening news, WGNO News with a Twist, Simon has been commissioned by restaurants, stores, locals, and tourists to create special original paintings for anniversaries, birthdays, or just home décor that captures the spirit of New Orleans. Overall, Simon’s pieces whimsically embody the unique culture of this spectacular city.

1,000 Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Silkscreen prints, $65




French Quarter Festival Website and Facebook Page

New Orleans Swamp Tours offers our guests a thrilling and educational high speed airboat swamp tour through the heart of New Orleans’ Cajun Country. Just 25 miles from Downtown New Orleans you can visit the wild swamps and bayous that meander through seemingly endless miles of Louisiana coastline. Your New Orleans Airboat Swamp Tour will be filled with wildlife including Alligators, Snakes, Frogs, Nutria, Turtles, Fish, Blue Crabs, many different species of birds including waterfowl and many different species of native plants, swamp, and aquatic vegetation. This diverse eco-system that is unlike any other on the planet.


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